2014 Scholarship Opportunities


The Waccamaw Community Foundation is committed to helping students achieve their academic goals. We believe that an excellent education creates an excellent foundation for a successful community, so we offer donors many options for creating or supporting a scholarship fund. If you are interested in helping young scholars succeed, please see important information below the current scholarship list.

Potential Scholars…

The opportunities listed below are not available to all students; they have very specific award standards. Your school counselor will be able to assist you in completing your scholarship application and acquiring any necessary documents. Please ensure you meet all criteria before applying for any scholarship opportunity.

Project Potential Scholarships

Sue’s Hope Scholarship

John Draughn Scholarship

Boone Foundation Scholarship

Allan Blum Memorial Scholarship

Potential Donors…

Thank you for your interest in helping a student achieve their higher learning goals! There are three ways to give to help:

Contribute to the Waccamaw Community Foundation Fund for Education

  • There is no minimum to give. Your donation is secure and guaranteed to serve the financial needs of deserving students. Simply use the Donate Now button to the right and select the WCF Fund for Education from the list of funds.

Contribute to an Existing Scholarship Fund

  • There is no minimum to give. Browse the list of scholarship opportunities above for specific criteria to find one to which you wish to donate. Use the Donate Now button to the right and select  your choice from the list of funds.

Establish a Scholarship Fund

  • Scholarship Funds are required to be endowed funds with a $25,000 minimum. Based on our current 4% spending policy, this could provide a $1,250 scholarship to a deserving student annually, in perpetuity. Please review our Draft Scholarship Fund Agreement.

If you are interested in setting up a Scholarship Fund as a legacy for your family, in tribute to a loved one, or to ensure the future of your business, please contact Board Chairman David Bishop at or by calling 843-357-4483.