Marti’s Wish

A Myrtle Beach resident since 1974, Marti Parnell was married to her husband Harry for 23 years. For 35 years, Marti welcomed visitors to Ocean Lakes Family Campground and the Myrtle Beach area, recognized as The Jackson Companies’ 2007 Outstanding Teammate. She was known for her compassion and concern for others and enjoyed feeding the ducks in her backyard, riding around in her VW Beetle convertible and spending time with her beloved Dachshund “Bulliet.”

In April 2015, Marti’s primary care physician diagnosed and treated her for H. pylori. Marti underwent multiple tests that came back negative for cancer. The hospital then completed exploratory research to look at her organs. When the tests from the surgery came back negative, the stunned doctor sent the biopsies out of state. It was only a few days later when they received the shocking diagnosis.

Sadly, Marti was diagnosed with Signet Ring Cell Cancer on September 1st, 2015. She later died and passed away on October 15th, 2015. Her last wish to her friend, Sunita Patel, and husband, Harry, was to donate time and money to pursue the education of primary care physicians and cancer experts to recognize Signet Ring Cell Cancer.

Early detection of the “odd” cells is the only way to survive Signet Ring Cell Cancer. Infection caused by H. pylori bacteria is directly linked to stomach cancers, and although the Parnell’s mentioned this to doctors, it did not trigger the detection of Marti’s fatal cancer.

“Marti’s Wish” was established through Waccamaw Community Foundation with the hopes of bringing awareness to this rare form of cancer. Working with the Foundation, Marti’s friends and family will use this charitable fund to support research for Signet Ring Cell Cancer and keep Marti’s memory alive in the community. One local business, The Pavilion Discount Beverage, already supported the fund by holding a fundraiser on December 5th that included live music, local food favorites and an auction, cultivating a fun way to spread awareness and foster philanthropy.

To donate, checks can be made to Waccamaw Community Foundation. Please note “Marti’s Wish” in the memo line.

To learn more about setting up your own fund, contact Karen Minogue at [email protected]